Trinity Vale

The First 2 Adventures -recap

In the city center of Trinity Vale there seems to be a large gathering of people shouting with fists in the air. “Our king is dead! slay the murderer!”
A very armored captain with his small army of troops hold a perimeter in the city’s center. In chains there is what appears to be a male human prisoner in blue silk robes. The captain steps on a platform about to give a speech. “This traitor and MURDERER is here to accept the punishment of death. Judgement has ruled that he is responsible for our king’s death and a conspirator against the crown. To all his kin this is a warning!” At that moment he brings forth his weapon from its sheath and swiftly beheads the captive. Gasps and cheers can be heard like a roar of harmony. “From this day forward, use of magic is banned in these lands and any of the kind will be tried as a conspirator against the kingdom.”
Amongst the chaos, a terrified fellow behind the party begs for an ear. “You must help me please! I have a friend wizard at my tavern and he is in grave danger. Please follow me.”

The party hesitates to follow the hopeful man, but once the crowd becomes chaotic, they follow. The tavern of the Gray Bull is owned by this man, Lyre Brawn, and speaks quickly, “This is my humble establishment. Over there is my old and dear friend Aoforn. He is a mage in troubled times and cannot be here in the city. You must get him out of here before he is unlawfully taken. i can offer you coin if you make this fruition a reality. Also you must hurry. I will tend to my bar and keep watch near the door for guards.” As the party approached Aoforn they spot a book in front of him labelled ‘Touch me’, carved sloppily with a blade. And it got touched, sprang to life and blurted “FUCK OFF”, burped, then closed lifeless. No attempts to wake the mage were successful so the party wrapped him in ropes and went to carry him as a bounty. Guards bust in the front door and the party quickly dodged out the back. Sneaking to the harbor was easy, and a boat remained docked. Ship captain, Torr ‘One Eye’ Reed, offers to help get away from the city. A guard spots the party as the boat leaves the harbor. Nearby, around the south-western mountain, One-Eye dumps the party at a shore along with a life boat.

The village near the shore needed some help with pesky giant crabs that encroached their sands. The leader, Netani, thanked the party for killing the remaining crabs and hinted that there must be a reason for them to be wandering so far from their normal habitat of the tide pools. “When he was a young man and a jaguar came down from the hills and started killing his neighbor’s pigs. It turned out that the jaguar had been driven from its lair by a vicious basilisk. As far as Netani knows the beast is still there today. He suggests that you should go and check the tide pools north-east of town for whatever drove the crabs away.”

An easy trek to the tide pools, but a treacherous path to a spotted cave. Fish people, Koa-Toa, sprout out and attacked the party. The wood-elf nearly drowned, but the barbarian was there to rescue. Inside the large cave were two more Koa-Toa. Then the party rested and was tricked by a sea hag that nearly died on her escape. The only things left in the cave were dead sailors and villagers. The party returned to the village of An’Ji.

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